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S-LAH60MQ is an optical glass with high refractive indices which has the smallest dn/dT among current LAH glasses.
Cars are used in environments where the temperature change is...

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PHOTONEX 10th & 11th October 2018 / RICO ARENA / COVENTRY

PHOTONEX is the largest showcase event in the United Kingdom for photonics and lighting technologies.

Take Advantage of your opportunity and get to know us. Please visit us at stand...

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LANE 2018 - 10th CIRO Conference on Photonic Technologies

Visit us at the 10h anniversary of the LANE from September 03 - 06, 2018 in Fürth.

We are looking forward to your interest and would like to invite you personally to know OHARA on...

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We are pleased to introduce S-LAL7Q as an optical glass which has improved on chemical durability desired in the region of LAL. S-LAL7Q has the same Refractive Indices and Abbe...

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für angewandte Optik (DFaO)

Visit us at the 119th anniversary of the German Society for Applied Optics from May 22 - 26, 2018 in Aalen.

We are looking forward to your interest and would like to invite you...

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S-LAL21 is an optical glass for polished lens which has improved on water resistance, acid resistance and mechanical strength required for Automotive camera lenses. Existing...

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Though S-NBH58 has high refractive indices with high dispersion, the partial dispersion ratio θg,F is low. That's why S-NBH58 could be effective for correcting chromatic aberration...

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S-NPH7 is an optical glass which has the smallest dn/dT in the region of NPH, high refractive indices and high dispersion. In the optical system of the Automotive camera lens, it's...

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Optatec 2018 (15.-17. May 2018) in Frankfurt am Main

International trade fair for optical Technologies, components and Systems

Focus on Innovation Potential

Optatec focuses on the industry’s innovation potential like no other...

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S-LAH98 & S-LAH99

Wir freuen uns Ihnen unsere neuen Gläser S-LAH98 und S-LAH99 vorzustellen. Es ist uns gelungen einen höhere Transmission und ein geringeres spezifisches Gewicht in der Glasregion,...

S-LAH98 & S-LAH99 are optical glasses for polished lenses. We are successful in attaining higher transmission, lower cost & lower specific gravity at the region of glasses similar...

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Review of glass portfolio

To whom it may concern,


According to the latest review of our glass portfolio, we will do a reclassification of following glass-types, effective from May, 1St 2018:



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