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Actualisation glass-assortment

The annual review of our product range with regard to worldwide usage involves grading the following glass types, from Recommended to Special-Order-Glass-Type:

  • L-LAL12
  • S-BAL11
  • S-BAM3
  • S-BSM9
  • S-LAL56
  • S-LAM51
  • S-TIM3

These glass types will be available, at least until April 2017. We do not recommend these glass types for new developments.

Glass types already classified as Special-Order-Glass-Type

  • L-LAH87
  • L-PHL1
  • L-BBH2
  • S-APL1
  • S-BAM5
  • S-BSM21
  • S-BSM93
  • S-LAL60
  • S-TIH20

are being taken out of the product range (discontinued).

The production of the glass type L-BBH1, which up to now had been a recommended glass type, was discontinued immediately.