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Review of glass portfolio

To whom it may concern,


According to the latest review of our glass portfolio, we will do a reclassification of following glass-types, effective from May, 1St 2018:


Change to „special continued“:

S-LAL11, S-LAL52, S-NSL7, S-PHM51, S-YGH52, TIH53.

These types will be available approx. for the next 5 years, then will change to special order.


Change to “special order”:

S-BAH32, S-BSM4, S-BSM22, S-LAM52, S-LAM58, S-LAM59, S-NBH52, S-NBH53, S-NSL5, S-TIM39, S-YGH51.

Special order types may be still available for some time, but we do not guarantee, on your order we can melt these types.


We recommend to change

from S-NBH52 to S-NBH52V,

from S-NBH53 to S-NBH53V,

from S-YGH51 to S-LAH97.


Change to „discontinued“:

S-BAM9, S-BAM21, L-LAH81, L-LAH83, L-LAH84P, L-LAM72, L-NBH54.


Please consider these changes for your optical designs.


Best regards,

Your OHARA-Team