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S-LAH60MQ is an optical glass with high refractive indices which has the smallest dn/dT among current LAH glasses.
Cars are used in environments where the temperature change is large from below zero (cold district) to more than 50 °C  (inside car in summer). The large differences of the temperature may cause refractive index fluctuations. Zoom lens could adjust the refractive index fluctuations. But fixed-focus lens is common in the field of Automotive cameras and it's impossible for us to adjust the refractive index fluctuations with fixed-focus lens.
Whereas many LAH glasses have large positive dn/dT, S-LAH60MQ has almost zero dn/dT. So S-LAH60MQ could decrease the effect of the refractive index fluctuations.
In addition, S-LAH60MQ can be used for not only Automotive camera lenses but also projectors, photographic interchangeable lenses and various applications.

  • The smallest dn/dT among current LAH glasses dn/dT (Dline 40℃~60℃) -0.1
  • Equivalent to S-LAH60 and S-LAH60V for nd and νd. We can enjoy different dn/dT glass with the same refractive indices