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S-LAH98 & S-LAH99

Wir freuen uns Ihnen unsere neuen Gläser S-LAH98 und S-LAH99 vorzustellen. Es ist uns gelungen einen höhere Transmission und ein geringeres spezifisches Gewicht in der Glasregion, ähnlich wie bei S-LAH79, zu erreichen.

S-LAH98 & S-LAH99 are optical glasses for polished lenses. We are successful in attaining higher transmission, lower cost & lower specific gravity at the region of glasses similar to S-LAH79.S-LAH98 & S-LAH99 can be used in a wide variety of applications which are lenses of Interchangeable lens cameras, Projectors and so on. We are pleased to introduce S-LAH98 & S-LAH99 as optical glasses which can be effective for cost reduction and higher performance of customer's products.