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S-LAL54Q is an optical glass for polished lens which has improved on water resistance, acid resistance and mechanical strength required for Automotive camera lenses. Existing glass materials at the region of LAL are poor in acid resistance. The class of powder method Acid resistance of it is 4 or 5 and it's difficult to use it for Automotive camera lenses. Since S-LAL54Q has improved on chemical durability, it can be used for Automotive camera lenses, as well as projectors, photographic interchangeable lenses and various applications.

1.Excellent chemical durability
    Powder method Acid resistance is improved to Class 3 at the region of LAL
    Powder method Water resistance is improved to Class 1 at the region of LAL
2.High Mechanical Strength Knoop Hardness 680    Class7 Abrasion 53
3.Small CTE The smallest CTE among OHARA optical glasses