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OHARA - World leader in the development and manufacturing of optical glasses

OHARA is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of optical glasses. We are concentrating on optical applications and related technical fields. For example, optoelectronics. Our progress and success in the supply of advanced optical materials is more than anything else determining the future development and direction of the Ohara Group. 

OHARA was the first supplier to redesign his existing assortment of optical glasses, turning nearly all of them into so called ECO glasses (S-types). Other manufacturers have followed us. Today we provide the most comprehensive program of lead and arsenic free optical glasses.

Nevertheless, glass types for special applications, in particular microlithography (i-line glasses), are still part of our assortment.

For further hot forming we have a range of glass types (L-types) which have been specifically developed with low transformation temperatures (Tg). All L-types are free of lead and arsenic.

OHARA glasses are supplied as:

  • Strip (raw glass)
  • Cut blanks (rectangular, circular, prism shaped, special forms; matt surfaces)
  • Pressings (hot formed by pressing shapes close to the final dimensions)

Various custom made forms may be available upon request.

OHARA has recently extended its product spectrum by adding special glasses and glass ceramics. These new materials can be found in computers, optical telecommunication and metrology equipment:

Our development efforts are ongoing. Further details are available upon request.