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Information about our online-shop

You now have the possibility to order on-line from the actual OHARA GmbH stock of fine annealed strip. Our list of stocked items is updated once per day. Please understand that all orders are accepted on a "first come, first serve" basis. OHARA GmbH will not be held responsible if an item is not available. We will contact you immediately in the case of an item being sold out prior to receipt of your emailed order. Of course, orders by telephone, telefax, and through the postal service are still accepted.


What can I order?

OHARA's Online-Shop includes only our fine annealed strip forms of supply. Our stock at OHARA GmbH includes all commonly specified glass types. All stocked items are available for purchase. For each stocked item you will be able to see a corresponding weight, exact dimensions in mm (width x thickness x length), and line item price. We will ship only the exact line item(s) ordered.

How can I pay?

All shipments will be delivered together with commercial invoice assuming adequate credit references have been established with OHARA GmbH.

What are the delivery terms?

All prices shown in our online-shop are based on the delivery term FOB Hofheim, Germany. All prices are excluding VAT (provided registration number is given, VAT is valid only for shipments within Germany).

How actual is the stock in the Online-Shop?

Whilst all care is taken to update our website contents, there is always the possibility that an article may meantime have sold out. Only on receipt of our express order confirmation can the Purchaser be assured that we will have ensured that the ordered article is actually available.

How do I order?

  •  For each glass type you can browse through our detailed listing of available sizes. Each stock size includes a corresponding strip or slab weight. Enter your order by checking the appropriate line item (one strip or slab per line item). Each checked item is added to your "shopping basket". Any item can be deleted by simply canceling your check mark.
  • After ordering all of your required items, simply click on the "shopping basket". You will then see a complete listing of all ordered items. Forget something? Want to make a new selection or cancel an item? No problem, your order can be changed completely if necessary.
  • When you are satisfied with the contents of your shopping basket, click "next". You will then see a field for entering your personal data. If you are already an Ohara customer, please fill in the name, E-Mail, and telephone number fields only. New customers must provide all requested data.
  • After entering your required data click "next". You will then see a complete overview of your new order. You may want to print your new order for future reference.

  • After making a final inspection of your purchase order, click "send order". Your order will be processed immediately after receipt at Ohara GmbH.

  • An Ohara GmbH Sales Order Confirmation will be sent to you by post as soon as possible.