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OHARA – Your supplier of optical materials and components

For more than 80 years now, OHARA has been one of the world’s leading glass manufacturers, producing optical and technical components. With its superior product quality and commitment to excellent service, the OHARA Group has positioned itself as an important supplier of optical glass products of top caliber.

With over 140 glass types, OHARA offers a broad range of products for precision optics across a wide range of areas – from photography and microlithography to astronomy and telecommunications.

The OHARA Group operates worldwide, serving customers from production and distribution sites in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, the U.S., and Germany. The group currently melts over 500 tons of glass per month and produces more than 25 million pressings.

Precision glass from OHARA is available in various forms, such as bar form, as lenses, and as shaped parts for cost-effective use in polishing processes.

OHARA GmbH is a subsidiary of OHARA Inc. and is responsible for all customer activities in Europe.

Management philosophy

The OHARA Group is constantly at work to generate unique new values to create a strong company structure. We do this with two aims: to ensure the well-being of our employees, but also for society at large.


Using high-quality, advanced materials in the fields of optics, electronics, the environment and energy, our goal is to contribute to ongoing progress and growth.

Corporate philosophy

OHARA is committed to five corporate principles:

  1.  Honesty
  2.  Harmony with society
  3.  Open information policy
  4.  Environmental protection
  5.  Respect and cohesion